Gong Sound Therapy

Sound Is a Powerful Tool To Help Create Joy In Your Life

I’m passionate about helping my clients to live full, happy, healthy and well balanced lives. I use ancient healing instruments to help people relax the mind and body through sound and music. My Gong Sound Therapy sessions are a deeply relaxing, individualised therapeutic experience for your whole being.

I use a range of ancient instruments including:

  • Gongs

  • Didgeridoo

  • Solfeggio Tuning Forks

  • Himalayan & Crystal Sound Bowls, Crystal Triangle

  • Light body activation

  • And Other Soothing and Energy Healing Instruments.


Treatment is focused on supporting you as you relax and calm your mind, enabling a reprieve from your daily concerns. My sound instruments are great for stress and pain reduction, deep relaxation, physical and emotional wellbeing, and personal transformation.


I work towards integrating functional harmony in your mind and body, which aims to restore optimum health, vitality and balance. My sessions have assisted clients in easing the symptoms of depression and fatigue, as well as other conditions relating to lack of harmony.


The health and physical benefits of my individual sound sessions may include:

  • Enhance optimism and positive mood

  • Boost energy and vitality

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Stimulate your glandular system to release emotional, physical and mental blockages

  • Improve the body’s potential for healing and recovery

  • Improve sleep and relaxation

  • Ease muscular, joint and skeletal aches and pain symptoms

  • Supply nutrients to the nervous system

  • Provide sonic tools to the brain enabling improved learning and productivity

  • Raise your vibratory frequency for greater calm and inner peace

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