Gong Sound Therapy

Sound Is a Powerful Tool To Help Create Joy In Your Life

I’m passionate about helping my clients to live full, happy, healthy and well balanced lives. I use ancient healing instruments to help people relax the mind and body through sound and music. My Gong Sound Therapy sessions are a deeply relaxing, individualised therapeutic experience for your whole being.

I use a range of ancient instruments including:

  • Gongs

  • Didgeridoo

  • Solfeggio Tuning Forks

  • Himalayan & Crystal Sound Bowls, Crystal Triangle

  • Light body activation

  • And Other Soothing and Energy Healing Instruments.


Treatment is focused on supporting you as you relax and calm your mind, enabling a reprieve from your daily concerns. My sound instruments are great for stress and pain reduction, deep relaxation, physical and emotional wellbeing, and personal transformation.


I work towards integrating functional harmony in your mind and body, which aims to restore optimum health, vitality and balance. My sessions have assisted clients in easing the symptoms of depression and fatigue, as well as other conditions relating to lack of harmony.


The health and physical benefits of my individual sound sessions may include:

  • Enhance optimism and positive mood

  • Boost energy and vitality

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Stimulate your glandular system to release emotional, physical and mental blockages

  • Improve the body’s potential for healing and recovery

  • Improve sleep and relaxation

  • Ease muscular, joint and skeletal aches and pain symptoms

  • Supply nutrients to the nervous system

  • Provide sonic tools to the brain enabling improved learning and productivity

  • Raise your vibratory frequency for greater calm and inner peace

  • Enhance sleep and relaxation

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What an experience I am having. Session two of my five session transformational healing with Leith James and all I can say at this point is well, I am a little lost for words the difference that just two sessions have made is a blessing IAM so grateful that I was drawn to do these sessions it is truly transformational. Leith thank you so much looking forward to the next session.


Cheryle Uduste

Aura Soma Practitioner


Since working with Leith I have felt that I have been able to regain a deeper sense of self and be able to move forward in the next chapter of my life with clarity and strength.  I have also noticed a better quality of sleep, I have more energy and I have been able to deal with life challenges in a more helpful way.


Nat Ogilvy

Guidance Officer


I have attended both the group gong meditation sessions and 1:1 sound healing sessions, and have truly found them invaluable. I have found they are wonderful at shaking me free from stagnant, repetitive states – so I can move forward, and also really effective in helping return me to a centre of calm, love and well being. Leith is an intuitive, aware, and compassionate practitioner, and i can not recommend him highly enough.





Leith James what can I say. I have completed my 5 transformational healing sessions and I am feeling so much gratitude and love for the journey. So many new possibilities and a new way to look and more so feel about life and those around me.
Thank you so much from my heart to yours in deepest gratitude.


Cheryle Uduste

Aura Soma Practitioner


As a fan of group Gong Sessions (which are great!) I was intrigued about the 1-on-1 healing. Having a session tailored to and working with your personal presentation / needs is a profound experience. Now, days after my session with Leith, my motivation has hit full flow, and I look forward to the coming days / weeks as full integration takes place. I would recommend anyone desiring to restore their natural balance to experience the same. I thank you again.


Ny Ashdown

Acupuncturist, Grow Therapies

Discover the Many Health Benefits of Sound Healing

Sound healing is a practice that utilises vibrations (gongs, voices, or other instruments) to promote relaxation for the mind and body. Although this practice has ancient roots, it is gaining modern popularity as people seek out new ways to relax and be healthy. Sound Gong Meditation offers meditation events for groups, individual sessions, corporate wellness programs, and more.


The Benefits of Sound Frequency Healing

It can be challenging to get a break from today’s ongoing stress and anxiety. Sound meditation may help relieve tension and help participants relax. Here are some of the most important benefits you may enjoy from sound healing on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Sharper focus. Sound healing meditation may be able to help you regain some focus in your life. That may be because the lower brain wave frequencies can help you concentrate more effectively. Better focus can help you with everyday activities as well as specific areas, such as athletic or academic performance.

  • More energy. The way you feel at any given time is closely related to your brain's signals throughout your body. When you are under stress, your body can feel exhausted and weary. One of the main areas affected by this is your ears. Sound healing therapy can provide stimulating sounds to the brain, motivating it to release latent energy.

  • Relief from common ailments. Many of the physical ailments people experience today are directly related to stress. Conditions such as high blood pressure, joint pain, and depression can often be traced back to stress or anxiety. Hearing the right sounds can help create a healing environment where the mind and body alike may strengthen and repair themselves.

Related Services We Provide to Sound Healing on the Gold Coast

Gong Sound Meditation provides a range of services to help you and the others in attendance the opportunity to experience sound healing meditation and all the good that it can do. Here are some of the specific services that may advantage you.

  • Individual sound therapy. We believe strongly in sound therapy as a way to help people live happy, healthy lives. With the help of ancient healing instruments, we can help our clients relax their bodies and minds through music and sound. Sound therapy sessions are deeply relaxing, personalised experiences for your whole self. Some of the instruments we use include gongs, the digeridoo, solfeggio tuning forks, and crystal sound bowls.

  • Meditation events. We host a variety of events in the Brisbane area. For example, some of our planned events include Sound Healing Gong Training, 8-Hour Overnight Gong Sleep Over, Gong Enrichment, Winter Solstice Events, and Gong Bath & Yin Yoga Full Moon Spring Equinox Events. You are welcome to sign up and attend any of these events. Check back often for new events.

  • Workplace Wellness. We are proud to offer our unique Workplace Wellness program designed to facilitate a more harmonious workplace and a more productive atmosphere in the office. We can deliver our services in-house, customised to your team’s specific needs. Each hour-long session comprises an introduction, breathing exercises, gong sound meditation, and a few minutes of silence. Schedule your session now to help promote a more cohesive team and a more lucrative bottom line.

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What You Should Know About Gong Meditation

With the ancient practice of gong meditation, you will receive several benefits related to the process. During our meditation events in the Gold Coast, gongs have proven an enormous success. Gong meditation is an ancient transformational method of healing and meditating. Gongs focus on the brainwave frequencies, which targets emotional blockages. To avoid a monotonous and hypnotising effect, we continuously change the gong's sound vibrations, which enables your brain to focus and remain alert to the healing vibrations.


The Benefits of Sound Meditation

Our Meditation in the Sunshine Coast includes a range of different sound therapies. Sound therapy may assist with enhancing your mood and induce a positive way of thinking. Other benefits you may receive from a gong meditation session include:

  • You may find yourself more energetic and focused. For example, when drinking coffee, the caffeine gives you a sudden spark of energy and then a crash. However, with sound meditation, you may find your energy surge lasts longer, and the energy crash is not as sudden and harsh.

  • Sound therapy may assist with reducing stress and anxiety levels. Meditation has been a treatment for thousands of years and remains one of the most used practises to help with stress and anxiety.

  • With your reduced levels of anxiety, you may find your sleep pattern improving. The number one cause of sleeplessness is due to stress. Eliminating that stress without chemicals may help your sleep pattern improve to maintain a more balanced state.

What Sets Us Apart Regarding Meditation in Brisbane

You can book a sound meditation online for your convenience. In addition, we offer a range of services for you, your co-workers, or your friends.

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About Gong Sound Meditation

At Gong Sound Meditation, we offer a wide range of services to enable you to choose therapy best suited to your needs. Some popular occasions where you can include gong therapy are in your yoga and meditation classes or any other health programs of interest. However, we aim to bring gong therapy into occasions including Conferences, community events, Meditation is a universal and ancient practice in calming and healing.

Leith James is a Gong Master and has practised his sound therapy for over ten years and runs our Workplace Wellness Program along with therapy sessions at our locations. All Gong Sound Meditation sessions are unique and customised to suit your individual needs and goals.

Contact us today to book your Gong Sound Meditation with Leith James.