Double CD Bundle Pack

Double CD Bundle Pack

Meditation and relaxation can result in reduced stress, greater longevity and a sense of peace and balance. Studies show that in these states we produce a greater quantity of slow frequency theta brainwaves. In this double CD bundle let the songs activate brainwaves and lead you easily into restful and rejuvenating meditation.


CD 1 : Gong Sounds – Heart of the Gong


CD 2 : Whale Song


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Both CD’s are ideal for meditation and transformation purposes at home, office, treatment space or in nature. Use theses vibratory, rhythmic and melodic sounds of the gongs to unlock the full potential of your energy system or as a holistic aid to enter a deep state of relaxation and healing.


Please note that these recordings should not be listened to while driving or operating any heavy equipment. My recommendation would be to listen to theses songs with a quality headphones or in a quiet space when possible.



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