Brisbane Gong Meditation Training Level 2

Brisbane Gong Meditation Training Level 2


14-15th March


Level 2 is all about going deeper with the Gong, new instruments including the hand-held gong and stroke techniques, setting up and running a gong bath and how to engage with private client sessions.

We will also cover gonging for self healing, which is a deeper understanding of how the gongs will be able to assist your clients, due to the way it’s helped you.


Course Structure 
Day 1

8.30 am – start on Time
Sharing circle & Reflections since Level 1
Handheld gong techniques


  • Demonstration of how to hold the mallets & strokes
  • Practical on each other


Introduction to other instruments.
Live gong bath setup and structure


Evening Gong Bath (with the public)


Day 2 
8.30 am – start on Time
Gonging for self-care
Client care and presence skills
Session structure and options – content and layout
Giving 1-on-1 gong therapy sessions


  • Demonstration on how to set up the space etc
  • Practical on each other


Reflections and learning finish at 4 pm