Brisbane Gong Meditation Training Level 1

Brisbane Gong Meditation Training Level 1

11-12th May

This is a unique experience that provides the essential Gong Training, catered meals, and an incredible overnight experience in which you will have your first opportunity to perform to a group, in what is known as a “Gong Puja”. Course Structure



Day 1
8:45 am arrival required for a 9:00 am start
9.00 am – 5.00 pm: Gong Training (course structure below)

8 Hour Gong Bath Puja
9 pm – 6:30 am:( Overnight).
6:30 am: Finish the Puja  with a Closing Ceremony

The daytime element will be dedicated to the Level One Gong Training. The overnight aspect provides you with an opportunity to participate and perform in a Gong Bath Puja, building your skills and confidence, as well as being an incredible opportunity to share with your fellow students.  Puja is the sanskrit word for ‘ceremony’. Within this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of playing the Gong, including the history, foundations and sacred aspects of the art.  You will be competent (and hopefully excited to share!) everything you have learned, with your friends, family, and the public.