10 Minute Gong Meditation - Clarity Intention

10 Minute Gong Meditation - Clarity Intention

Gong Sound Mindfulness Training

Journey With Mindfulness Through Guided Gong Sound Intentions


What to

  • Improve focus & attention
  • Enhance vibrational frequency (calm anxiety)
  • More present state
  • Increase energy and motivation
  • Improve quality of life


How this will help you

I have designed this Intention to help you achieve a better quality of life with a routine guided gong sound mindfulness practice.


It’s not about switching off or quieting the mind. It’s about giving your mind something to focus onto while harnessing the power of intention.



you will be guided to commit to a life enhancing intention.

An intention directs and underlies our attention and encourages greater purposefulness and focus.

The intention is designed to improve your mental, emotional and meta-physical wellbeing and improve your overall quality of life.


"Free Intention Pack" You will also receive

  • How to meditate with sound 
  • Spacific Intention secret Knowlege 


Here is what people say:

After my gong session , I slept heaps better , my mind was much more clear, my body lighter. Just felt more balanced and peaceful.

Thanks Leith to share your gift with us.

Szilvia Kekes


Highly recommend especially for anyone who has difficulty meditating. Thanks Leith.

Kim McKewan


Amazing experience. sitting in the energy of the gongs. It enables me to go quite deep on a journey within. it brings a huge sense of relaxation and expansion within my heart, mind and body. Afterwards I feel energised, relaxed, very calm and an overall sense of peace. I would recommend it to anyone to try this experience

Tay Anderson


Start Your Gong Journey &

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