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Gong & Sound Meditation
Online Mental Health Course

Welcome to Module 6 of your Online Course for Mental Health 

We encourage you to practice your Gong Meditations daily

throughout the course for at least 15 minutes per day

Focus on each module for 1 week

Module 6 - Love
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Uncovering the light within the darkness

To practice self-love is an act of compassion for life itself. 


To hold the unwavering truth of unconditional love in your heart, not only for others, but for your self as well. It is only when we can learn to truly love, honour and accept who we are at our core that we can extend that out to others.

A gong has a dark resonance. Yet it is also full-bodied, beautiful and not something you can just ignore. Its richness will simultaneously jolt and mesmerise you.


In some ways, these concurrent actions are also applicable in describing love. 

A gong meditation can be used to seek self-love. It can also be an instrument to understand other types of love: familial, platonic, romantic, and friendship to name a few.


Meditation is particularly helpful to ease a broken heart. When a relationship ends, adverse emotions like hurt, loneliness, misery, despair, uncertainty, jealousy, hate, and anger become your constant companion.


When you're hurting, it will impact everything else in your life. When you lead with anger, you prevent yourself from connecting with your own self and others. Your anger leads you away from happiness that will eventually restrict you from feeling anything at all.


Because love is an intense feeling, its other side is as extreme as well. 


The changing yet constant sound waves of a gong can help you find your inner calm amidst the extremity of your emotions.


It's a state where you can hit pause: pause to stop yourself from responding from a place of anger. It's a pause to assess if you're harming yourself. It's a pause to help you see your way back into love. 


When you practise self-love, you do not just improve yourself for the better, you also improve your relationship with others. You will learn to give and receive love because you understand what genuine love is and that it starts from somewhere within yourself.

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