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Gong & Sound Meditation
Online Mental Health Course

Welcome to Module 2 of your Online Course for Mental Health 

We encourage you to practice your Gong Meditations daily

throughout the course for at least 15 minutes per day

Focus on each module for 1 week

Module 2 - Creativity
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A gong has a distinct, round sound that comes rippling, when the beater is struck on its centre of the instrument, the sound emitted stimulates the brain. These rippling sound waves also send signals to the brain, which in turn, unlocks potentials and possibilities. 


When your mind is relaxed, and your brain is open, it engages imagination and visualisation. This is when the 'magic' happens. 


This is when the writer's block is unblocked ~ where the whispers and threads of new ideas come from and begin to bubble forward with excitement.

Your creative restrictions have always been on the outside world, and Gong Meditation can help you unlock that by literally changing your Brain Wave pattern out of the 'Beta' frequency of waking consciousness  and into deeper levels of Alpha, Delta and Theta that are associated with deeper states of relaxation in the body, awakened consciousness, creativity, innovation, dreaming and deep sleep.


Within your mind, you can cultivate as many imaginations as you possibly can.

With every sound wave that the gong sends out is a new creative idea that comes back in. 


From all these new patterns in your brain comes a confidence boost to your creativity and resourcefulness. This is very important when you turn your creative ideas into actual steps and actions.


You'll be able to take charge of your new creative forces and have the confidence to accomplish anything and create a reality you truly desire!

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