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Gong & Sound Meditation
Online Mental Health Course

Welcome to Module 14 of your Online Course for Mental Health
Congratulations!!! ~ You made it!! 

We encourage you to practice your Gong Meditations daily

throughout the course for at least 15 minutes per day

Focus on each module for 1 week

Module 14 - Dream
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Letting go of fear to step into the unknown of what's possible. If you can dream it ~ it's possible!

To step into a world of dreams, is to allow yourself to be, to do extraordinary things, to pursue those things that truly bring you true joy and freedom in life. 

Everyone has dreams. It’s easy enough to dream big. All you need is imagination.

But dreams without action are just dormant plans, a potential that may or may not see the light of day. 


The thing about dreams is that they can make or break you. 


Everyone has dreams, but only a fraction of people will take a leap of faith to pursue their ambitions. Some get overwhelmed by their grand visions. Others would rather stay in their comfort zone than risk failing. Many people start to turn their dream into reality only to stop and retreat because of frustration, worry and fear.


Then there are people who have big dreams, who work hard to achieve their ambitions, but life just won't give them an opportunity to actually accomplish their goals. 


You can be in any of these scenarios. And even if you think it couldn’t happen, there is a way for you to power through so you can turn your dream into reality.




If your dream doesn't scare you, then it's not big enough. Being scared is good.


You can turn fearfulness into fearlessness through meditation.

Every time you meditate is an opportunity to strengthen your resolve.


Gong meditation clears the chaos in your mind.

It helps you focus so you can make sound decisions.

It calms your overwhelmed being. 


When your mind is quiet, when you're in a peaceful state, when you know how to focus, you open the door to many possibilities. You let your imagination bloom.


Then turning a dream into reality is all about opportunities and creative thinking—

the limitless possibilities of things you can achieve when you surrender yourself to mindfulness and freedom of self-expression.

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