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Welcome to Module 13 of your Online Course for Mental Health 

We encourage you to practice your Gong Meditations daily

throughout the course for at least 15 minutes per day

Focus on each module for 1 week

Module 13 - Action
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Letting go of perfectionism and taking massive action in your life brings results.

Perfectionism is the culprit that holds many of us back from taking massive action in our lives to reach out for our goals and dreams. Because we tell ourselves we're not talented enough, or our work is not quite perfect yet - but this is really just an excuse that limits us from pursuing those sometimes scary, but big dreams of ours.

I'm so stressed.  I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll feel more like it later.  

- Sound familiar?

These are some of the phrases—excuses, really—that people say when faced with a large,almost never-ending to-do list.


It doesn't matter if the list contains a single errand or a hundred; a lot of people tend to procrastinate. If this is your habit, you're stopping yourself from reaching your full potential. We all have our moments. Even the most diligent student or employee procrastinates.


This delaying tactic is due to negative emotional reactions like panic, worry,

boredom and annoyance. Often, they are transient emotions, but since they are unpleasant, you try to avoid them. At times, you're even unaware that you actually feel the reaction, but you still give in to it. 


When stalling becomes a habit, the story remains the same. You want to be productive. You want to finish a project. Ultimately, you end up doing another thing and completely avoiding what you need to prioritise more. You fail to accomplish anything as you avoid your tasks due to your negative thoughts and emotions.  


At its core, procrastination and perfectionism is a direct result of your avoiding putting yourself out there for fear of being seen for who you really are, because we are our worst critics.


Taking Action is about cultivating the courage to be witnessed in your vulnerability of self expression and choices.


A positive way to overcome this is by allowing yourself to take Massive Imperfect Action towards to goals and vision. To let go of the desire for perfectionism, and take the next step towards completion.


Taking action is doing the work even if you feel stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. BUT it also means, taking the time for conscious NON-Action when needed - such as rest and meditation.

Meditation is also taking action. This seems counterintuitive since you're basically still when you meditate, but there's action going on.


Gong meditation helps you regulate your behaviour towards the task at hand.

It keeps your concentration on what needs to be done.


This present-moment consciousness helps you become aware of your own emotional cues, so you can purposely motivate yourself to do the work.


and it also offers us a time to turn-off from the action. A time to rest and recover and review our actions and analysie the outcomes. A space to heal. 


Because it's about balance, a harmony between the eternal ebb and flow of dynamic action and yin stillness. Self-reflection, that allows us to take action from a place of conscious intention, will power and freedom of self expression.

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