11 Prosperity
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Gong & Sound Meditation
Online Mental Health Course

Welcome to Module 11 of your Online Course for Mental Health 

We encourage you to practice your Gong Meditations daily

throughout the course for at least 15 minutes per day

Focus on each module for 1 week

Module 11 - Prosperity
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Uncovering a deep inner knowing and sense of the pure abundance that is available to us

Finding an ease and flow as we step into this new reality with a sense of self asurance and pure vibrant energy and vitality.


With a deep sense and inner knowing of the vast wealth and abundance that is available to us once we can shift our perspective to recognise that we have everyting we can ever possibly want and need right at our fingertips.

The goal is to have physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial stability.

In terms of prosperity, balance is crucial because money is fluid. 


It flows and it’s a form of energy, and this current can change at any time. When there's a positive flow of money, you feel secure. Even more, you can help others on their path to stability.


From there, you can create a give-and-receive cycle that leads to a type of richness that transcends far beyond just cash and revenue.


Conversely, when you have money problems, it's easy to become self-absorbed. 

If your only focus is to make more money to pay your bills and debts, then Just thinking about your financial obligations can often literally trigger a headache.


That anxiety can wreak havoc on your nerves and hormones, prompting an

increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure. If the situation gets worse, it'll come to a point where you can't see beyond your own stress. 


One good thing is that meditation reduces stress.


Gong meditation directly counteracts your negative responses to your financial troubles. By meditating each day, you stabilise your mental and physical health,

even if you have bills to pay. 


Meditation can increase your personal wealth by adjusting your outlook in life. With every beat of the gong, your concentration improves until it turns into muscle memory. This lets you have a more focused mindset, especially when making life decisions that have financial implications. 


Through meditation, you will also learn how to handle money matters without feeling unnecessary guilt or doubt. You will learn to ignore any judgment from other people. Money is a personal thing, and only you can dictate your relationship with your finances.

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