8 Hour Gong Sound Meditation Sleep Over

If you are looking for a place to delve deeply into the sacred space of sound, this overnight journey will immerse your being in the resonance of the Gong, centring the depths of your soul into an entirely new sense of creation.

A ceremonial sleepover where each tone and resonance is celebrated by your host, Leith James (Gong Master), a harmony of Gong Players and shared by those of you who choose to journey together on this evening.

Overlooking the ineffable reflections of the Brisbane River, your heart, mind and body while be treated to an unforgettable marathon sound healing session that lasts for eight hours. This concept was brought to life in these modern times by the legendary Grand Gong Master Don Conreaux.  

‘Incredibly powerful’, ‘transformative’, ‘profound’- these are the words that people use to describe this event… although sometimes, it is those most lost for words who fully understand this experience most wholly.

Gongs have been used as a sacred tool for over 5,000 years, an ancient instrument that can produce all the sounds within our hearing range, and many which vibrate far past human awareness.

As well as being a bonding and communal experience for participants, many who come report back an incredible array of shifts, in areas like transitioning, awakening, lifting of spirit (alleviating depressions and anxiousness), lightening of emotional weight, deepening of connection, or the ability to sleep in peace.

It’s really about the coming together of a group of individuals who are ready to allow tone and frequency to bring something new and powerful into their being, and the group consciousness and proximity of closeness during this extended session is for many, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Bring your most wholesome attitude, your comfiest pyjamas, a pillow you love, blankets, a yoga matt or portable mattress, some friends to share the experience with, and anything else that ensures you feel comfortable and grounded, and water to stay hydrated. Some of you may sleep the night through, others may enjoy the night lucid, in between dream states, or completely awake and present- it’s absolutely up to you. +18, leave your little ones and furry friends at home and allow yourself the ‘you time’ your soul requires.

Bookings are pre-paid and to be made via Eventbrite. We don’t refund so if something comes up and you cannot make it, please share the ticket with a friend or loved one. There are a set amount of spaces so please book to avoid tickets selling out. Please be mindful of others boundaries and space, and keep strong synthetic fragrances, noise and distractions minimal to nil. Phones off before you arrive please where possible- on silent otherwise!  Let everyone you love know you will be offline for the night, and keep photos to a minimum with respect for everyone’s privacy and sacred space.

Most of all, set your intention before you arrive, and set it joyfully! Then allow your whole self to be entirely held and immersed in the beauty and pleasures of this experience.

This Session is Limited to 30 people only 



March 7 - 10:00 pm


March 8 - 07:30 am

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Toowong Rowing Club

37 Keith Street, Saint Lucia, QLD 4067

Saint Lucia, QLD, AU, 4067