The AJNA Light Therapy is a groundbreaking new way to reprogram your brain, stimulate the pineal gland which increases Anti-Ageing and regulates hormones.

Who can benefit for the AJNA Light?

Anyone no matter what level you are you can benefit from the light. It is ideal for both adults and children, and perfectly safe even during pregnancy. It has even been used in very low frequency for people with epilepsy, vertigo and migraines to achieve positive sustainable outcomes.


The AJNA Light also helps with:

  • Stress & Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Memory loss & Alzheimers

  • Insomnia,

  • ADD & ADHD

  • Autism & Aspergers and much more…

How does the AJNA Light work?

The AJNA Light assists in helping you to raise your consciousness. It creates shifts in your life, and ‘debugs’ your brain, resulting in an underlying and ongoing sense of peace and calm.


clients have reported:

  • Enhanced sensory perception

  • Clarity in decision making

  • Increased productivity

  • Sleeping more effectively

  • And changing old life patterns

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Ajna Light Therapy


The Ajna light is a light sequence combined with calming music. It activates various areas in the brain and stimulates the pineal gland, which sends you into a sleep-like state. Once you reach this state, the Anja Light works to reset faulty brainwaves and reduce stress.

Known to also activate similar parts of the brain as DMT and ayahuasca, the Ajna Light can produce deep insight and psychedelic visions while connecting with your subconscious. Brisbane, Australia.

“The AJNA light has changed my life. I was already meditating regularly before I started my first light experience. I find the light to be a useful tool for self exploration, focus and also for taking your own meditation journey to another level. I can’t wait to own one for myself. I love it.”


Brooke Smith

Endorsed by a number of Thailand’s most acclaimed Buddhist monks, including Suranad Sajjadsophon, who said, “This Light takes me in a very short period of time to the same ‘Light’ experience in my deep meditations. Suranad said he wholeheartedly supports the AJNA Light as “one of the tools for raising human consciousness.”


Suranad Sajjadsophon

Omg!! Leith James awesome ajna light session with attention on creating joy – the smile across my face is so huge that people can’t help but smile back. Maybe they think I’m on drugs. I just danced around woollies like a nutterAnne -


Marie Mandile

During an Ajna Light Therapy session I consistently experience insights about what is honestly going on within myself, along with lessons I can work with in everyday life. All sessions help me easily reach a meditative state and I will definitely continue returning on a regular basis.


Ali Hurst

Still feeling the joy. EJ has been feeling it too. He’s been extra playful and has given me more cuddles after the treatment yesterday than I normally get in a week. Usually, I have to ask for cuddles but his cuddles have been spontaneous!


EJ Mandile

After 5 sessions of the Anja light healing, I felt relaxed and beneficial to my health with deep night’s sleep for 3 days after the session.I also found it helped me with my anxiety and stress levels.  I felt very comfortable and relaxed with Leith, he is very passionate about helping heal people.


Lauren Duffy


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