• For people who want to improve their health and emotional well being

  • Start a new business in gong sound healing for  groups or private 1 on 1 sessions

  • Business owners who want to enhance their offerings for new and existing clientele

  • Holistic practitioners, Healers ,Yoga  teachers who want to offer group sound healing sessions for members


No experience is necessary – just a willingness to be open to the powerful resonance of the Gong, and allowing yourself to find your own style within the teachings. Gongs have an incredible way of shifting time and locality- something you will experience for yourself as you begin to immerse yourself on this unique path…

When played with intention and correct technique, gongs help

  • Shift Beliefs & Old Patterns

  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety

  • Rehydrate the Cells at the Cellular Level

  • Lowers Heart Rate & Respiratory

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Induce Brain Wave Entrainment

  • Alter States of Consciousness

  • Improve Focus and Clarity    


Gongs have long been recognised for their powerful ability to clear negative energy and create strong vibrations both within a space and within our energetic system. Many practitioners and recipients have witnessed how they can pull an individual, or oneself, back from “the edge” and create a different platform for one’s existence, as well as moving into a new foundational core of living, transcending anything that is no longer aligned to our highest good.


This is a unique experience provides the essential Gong Training, Catered Dinner, and an incredible overnight experience in which you will have your first opportunity to perform to a group, in what is known as a “Gong Puja”


Day 1 – Course Structure

The daytime element will be dedicated to Building your Skills and Confidence.

The evening aspect provides you with an opportunity to Participate and Perform as well as being an incredible opportunity to share with your fellow students in a 4 hour Gong Bath Puja,

Puja is the sanskrit word for ‘ceremony’.Within this workshop, you will learn the fundamentals of Playing the Gong learning the History, Foundations and Sacred aspects of the art.

We Will Cover:

  • The history of the Gong

  • Various Gong techniques

  • Suspended Gong strokes and playing from different positions

  • Benefits, uses and sound healing aspects of the Gong

  • How to run your own Gong Bath for the public

  • How to set up your own Gong Kit with care and how to perform maintenance

  • Perform and participate in an a 4 hour Gong Puja and public ceremony

  • Experience a live Gong Sound Immersion


The Gong training will give you skills to take away and use within your daily life and also be a transformational experience for participants.


4-hour Gong Puja

The idea of a Gong Puja was developed by Grand Gongmaster Don Conreaux, who has been a teacher and mentor to me throughout my learning of the Gong. Comprising of an 8-hour marathon of Gong Sound Immersion. This is a deeply Powerful, Transformative and Profound event, which many participants have said they have found to be a life changing experience. This exclusive training event for a limited amount of people only and will always remember as a wonderful part of your journey through life.

Catering will be by Govinda’s vegetarian kitchen.

A nourishing lunch and dinner is provided as part of your experience, giving you space to rest and integrate your learning before the evening session begins.


. Pushpanna rice 
. Mixed seasonal vegetable curry .
. Pakoras and Chutney 
. Garden salad
. Halava & custard
. Lemon mint drink



Leith James, Gong Master, and Sound Healing Practitioner through the British Academy of Sound Therapy invite you to join him for two weekends of training so that you too can share in the joy and benefits of the Gong and the magic that it brings. Leith teaches students how to play the Gong Creatively, Skilfully and most importantly- from the Heart.


Investment Details

Please note trainings are non-refundable

Level 1

  • Investment: $750 

  • Or – 2 Payments of $375

  • Date: Sunday August 29th 2021

  • Time: 8 am - 11 pm 

  • Venue: Bulimba Community Centre 

Sessions are limited to 12 people only Book Now and raise your vibration



Please Note: Gongs are not a requirement for the training's as we will have gongs available  

Gong Purchase Package Offer Gong Kit  $1789

Only to attendees at the time of enrolment.

These gongs are hand finished, and each one will have its own hammer characteristics and this MUST be taken into consideration if you are thinking of purchasing one as this is a non-refundable purchase due to the ordering process from (the Wuhan Province) in China as import duties are required upfront.

Gong Kit Details: 

  • 70 cm Wuhan Wind Gong (Feng Gong), sourced from traditional Chinese Alchemists

  • 32”- 34” Paiste stand holds 2 gongs with roller wheels

  • 2 Gong Mallets

  • 1 Gong Carry Bag

Wind Gong

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Gong Training Level 2 

Wellness With Sound Therapy Courses

The gong is one of the oldest instruments going far back in history. Whether you seek relaxation from everyday life or have a health concern that needs attention, my facilitated sound therapy courses can ease your struggles and help you discover the best version of yourself.


Benefits of Sound Therapy in Australia

If you're dealing with mental, physical or emotional obstacles, sound therapy may be the solution for you to embark on a more fulfilling life journey. The sound from the gong, which is primarily used in the sessions, can contribute to the relaxation of your body's cells; thus, it could lead to breaking through sensitive barriers.

  • A physical release may have the power to aid various health concerns. Sound healing and my meditation techniques are an alternative therapy method that can lead to inner peace from daily tension if used correctly.

  • If not kept in shape, your nervous system can influence your wellness. You might experience fatigue or depression, but you may find the tools to alleviate your body from such distress with individual sound therapy.

  • Meditation is often used to expand the mind and show us our obstacles to a more fulfilling life. With gong sound meditation, the benefits can be endless, from better problem-solving capabilities for everyday decisions to a fundamental state of balance. Allowing your body to heal itself with this type of treatment can add to a more wholesome future. We also offer gong training if you want to add a new technique to your business or if you'd like to focus on your emotional wellbeing full time.

Related Services We Provide to Sound Healing Courses

We aim to assist in all areas relating to your mental and physical wellbeing. If a group meditation session proves to be a challenge, sound therapy treatment may be helpful to ease your stress and anxiety and prevent core issues from getting out of control.

  • Meditation events revolve around the gong and how it may support various health concerns. Pick the event most suited for your needs and join our community in breaking free from the emotional crutches holding you back from a purposeful life.

  • A happy employee equals happy customers. A relaxing work environment can boost mental capacity, lessen anxiety when working on tight deadlines, and increase daily productivity. It can also strengthen work relationships and allow for a more social connection among colleagues. The meditation might also improve physical health, which can eliminate workplace injuries.

  • We're NDIS providers, and these community activities involve gong sound meditation. The key to happiness is a well-balanced life; with the relaxation that meditation can initiate, we can allow ourselves to find a calmer state of mind.


About Gong Sound Wellness

I am geared to help you relax the mind, body and soul through music and sound using practised gong skills. With ten years of active practice, I can aid your health concerns in the best way possible by using alternative methods that can enhance your body's ability to self-heal.

If you're looking for a meditation course in Brisbane or physical and physiological wellness, contact me and learn about all the ways I may support you with sound.