• Going deeper with the Gong,

  • New instruments including the hand-held gong

  • Stroke techniques

  • Setting up and running a group gong meditation 

  • How to engage with private client sessions.


We will also cover

Gonging for self-healing, which is a deeper understanding of how the gongs will be able to assist your clients, due to the way it’s helped you.

Day 1 – Course Structure 
  • Sharing circle & Reflections since Level 1

  • Handheld gong techniques

  • Demonstration of strokes

  • Practical 1- on -1 gong healings on each other

  • Introduction to other instruments.

  • Live gong bath setup and structure


Evening Gong Bath 

  • Participants perform a live sound bath for the public 


Day 2 – Course Structure 
  • Gonging for self-care

  • Client care and presence skills

  • Session structure and options – content and layout

  • Giving 1-on-1 gong therapy sessions

  • Demonstration on how to set up space etc

  • Practical on each other

  • Reflections and learnings

Catering will be by Govinda’s vegetarian kitchen.

A nourishing dinner is provided as part of your experience, giving you space to rest and integrate your learning before the evening session begins.


  • Pushpanna rice (Basmati rice with Fresh herbs, Caps, Corn and Cashew)

  • Matar paneer curry (fresh curd/cheese with tomato and peas)

  • Mixed seasonal vegetable curry in coconut milk sauce

  • Pakoras and Chutney (Mixed vegetable fritters)

  • Garden salad

  • Halava & custard

  • Lemon mint drink

Investment Details

Please note trainings are non-refundable

Level 2

  • Investment: $1,190

  • Deposit $200 

  • Payment plan of $495

  • Date: 11th -12th September

  • Time: Sat 9 am - 5 pm Sun 9am - 5pm 

  • Location Lavalla Centre

  • 58 Fernberg Road, Paddington

Sessions are limited to 12 people only Book Now and raise your vibration



Please Note: Gongs are not a requirement for the training's as we will have gongs available  

Level 2 Gong Purchase 

Handheld offer $400 22-inch wind gong


Contact if you are looking for something specific.

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