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Leith James -
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Leith is an internationally renowned sound therapist & gong master with over 12yrs performing and facilitating group meditations, sound immersion, gong training & workshops, and corporate wellness programs.


With an extensive body of work in live performance and production both locally and abroad, he now owns & runs one of the premiere Gong Training Schools in South East Qld - Gong Sound Meditation

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I'm passionate about sharing the incredible health benefits of gong meditation and giving people access to profound states of meditation, personal transformation and deep healing.

I help people relax their mind, body and soul through sound and music.


Gong Sound Meditation is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. I use a range of ancient instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoo (Yidaki) and Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, along with other soothing instruments.


Aimed at supporting you to relax your body, quiet and calm your mind, and enable a reprieve from your daily stresses and worries, gongs are ideal for stress and pain reduction, deep relaxation, healing and personal transformation.

I am truly passionate about my craft and have seen first-hand the significant benefits

people gain from my Gong Sound Meditation sessions.

My Gong Sound Meditation sessions are customised and delivered in-house.

Offering a unique experience that promotes sustainable physical and physiological well-being.