My name is Leith James. I am a Gong Master, a Sound practitioner with the British Academy of Sound a musician, and composer, I help people relax their mind, body and soul through sound and music. Gong Sound Meditation is a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience. I use a range of ancient instruments including Gongs, Didgeridoo (Yidaki) and Himalayan & crystal singing bowls, along with other soothing instruments. Aimed at supporting you to relax your body, quiet and calm your mind, and enable a reprieve from your daily stresses and worries, gongs are ideal for stress and pain reduction, deep relaxation, healing and personal transformation.

I’ve been actively practicing sound work for the last 10 years and run Workplace Wellness Programs with Gong Sound Meditation.

I am truly passionate about my craft and have seen first-hand the significant benefits people gain from my Gong Sound Meditation sessions.

My Gong Sound Meditation sessions are customised and delivered in-house. I offer a unique experience that promotes sustainable physical and physiological well-being.

Potential benefits of Gong Sound Meditation include:

  • Calmer and clearer thinking

  • Less stress and anxiety

  • More effective problem solving capabilities

  • Increased learning capacity

  • Increased workforce productivity

  • More creativity and innovative practices

  • Restores intrinsic state of balance and relaxation

  • Less workplace absenteeism

  • Reduces the risk of injury