Gong Sound Meditation is a sound healing modality for health and wellbeing that is fast becoming the medicine of the future for mental, physical and emotional challenges in life. The Gong is one of the oldest ancient instruments dating back as early as 4,000 BC The power of the Gong instantly relaxes every cell in the body to help release emotional blockages.

Emotions of any kind can be evoked by melody and rhythm; therefore music has the power to form character. – Aristotle




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Last night I helped Leith with his Gong Sound Meditation in Brisbane and I slept like I had been awake for two days straight. This morning, I have clarity like I have not felt for a long time. All I can say is you should try one of Leith’s gong baths it was quite simply amazing!

Gillian Farry

Life, coach, Author, Public speaker , gillianfarry


Leith thank you for sharing your special gifts in such a passionate and profound way. Since coming along to Gong Sound Meditation my head pain has subsided considerably and I am able to surrender, relax and connect with a deep peace inside me which I enjoy for many days following a class. Thank you shining your light brightly, and for sounding your gongs for healing.

Josie Thomson

Executive coach and trainer , Josiethomson.com


I had quite a painful back when I settled down into the session. I set the intention for it to be relaxed and flexible and it has been since the session. Each time I come the session is slightly different and I always gain something from it. Thank you for sharing your gift with so many people.


Judy Williams


Being awakened to new possibilities, with clear conscious pictures. I was sent a reminder about trusting my beliefs and abilities. Body realignment and energy was very much a stand out. Thank you Leith for sharing your gifts.

Mick Collins



Leith provides a safe and nurturing environment, which allows you to go on a journey. When I feel the vibrations of the gongs it takes me to many places, I am able to get clarity on situations that are currently happening in my life. I can also feel blocks become released which gives the sensation of feeling free. I would highly encourage you to come to Sound Healing Meditation, so you can feel the benefits yourself. Thank you Leith for allowing me to have this experience.


Dianne Edwards



I believe you’ve made many people feel amazing today after last nights journey. I’ve never done anything like this before. Truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. I floated, swam through colours and space. I didn’t want to come out of it. All my senses are awoken. I’ve said goodbye to yesterday feeling amazing and started my day early and alive with energy. My third Gong Sound Bath elated my creativity. Leith says to focus on what we want and rid ourselves of what we don’t . this certainly happened, to the point my creative block is now gone. My art is now flowing once again.

Angelica Kelso


Calming for body and mind. I was in a crystal cave and felt my body being cleansed and purified and my cells balanced, cleansed and raised to a higher vibration. With the Om on the throat chakra it took me deeply into a tribal space and I merged with mother Earth – Magical !! I feel stronger and clearer in mind and intuition. Thanks Leith!

Jenny Bush


I really found this a great experience Leith, the music was just awesome to listen to. It was very smooth and not like I thought it would be. I saw colours, a quartz crystal hanging in the air. Lots of energy moving through me particularly my right arm where I have golf and tennis elbow. It also helped my breathing deepen. I took it with me and felt much better on Saturday. I also did a painting and am inspired to do may more. Look forward to the next one.

Fiona Graham


Wow! This was amazing.. Left me speechless (which is saying something for those who know me) and my whole body pulsating. Had the best sleep I’ve had in ages last night too. Thank you Leith

Kiarna Peake



A deeply moving session which cleared and aligned my body.. I feel peaceful and content. The energy shifts were felt and it was quite magical. Enjoyed it throughly. Thank you Leith xxx


Tiarnie Vidler